Over 10,000 properties inspected by our certified inspectors. Trust the Experts!

Quigley Inspection Services provides residential home inspections and commercial real estate inspections across Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties in the Tampa Bay area.

Our services consist of General Home Inspections; 4-Point Insurance Inspections (Roof, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical); Wind Mitigation Inspections; and Roof Certification Reports. We inspect all areas of the property including but not limited to: electrical, plumbing, crawl spaces, attics, water heaters, pool equipment, A/C and heater units, roofs and more.

Home Inspection


We perform inspections required to understand the condition of a home. Whether it’s for financing requested by a bank or title company, a home warranty, or vacation home – we do it all.

Insurance Inspection


Our licensed property inspectors are trained to conduct all inspections required to obtain insurance coverage such as 4 Point, Wind Mitigation and Roof Verification Inspections; often based on the age of the dwelling.

Commercial Inspection


We inspect commercial properties from the foundation to the roof, including the HVAC system, building structure, electrical system, parking lot and more. Inspections are tailored to size of the property.

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Highly Rated For A Reason

Quigley Inspections Services is the Best of the BEST!!
Jenna D.
17:45 09 Apr 24
Quick, Knowledgeable, and super thorough. Hands down Quigley Inspections are the best.
22:30 08 Apr 24
Quigley Inspection Services did an outstanding job providing our 4 point & wind mitigation inspections. An appointment was available quickly, Bobby arrived early, was professional and extremely thorough. The written inspections were emailed promptly the next morning. Can't say enough positive things about this local company! Thank you!
Karen H.
15:48 10 Mar 24
Inspection for our house was done in a timely manner with detailed information.Report was sent next day. There was a piece of information missing but Bobby was quick to get this fixed and he communicated promptly.
Ash C
17:09 09 Dec 23
I called Quigley Inspection Services early Monday morning. They were suggested by our real estate agent. I needed an inspection to be done that same day on Monday. I was told we'll see what we can be done. We need to first see if we can juggle some things around. I received an email about an hour later stating inspection will be performed at 3:00pm.Alex was there at 2:50pm, ready to go to work. And work he did! He inspected everything in accordance to a 4 points inspection. And best of all, Alex explained what he was doing and why it was being done. He also reccomended suggestions and ideas.That same evening, I received the full report, pictures and all details.I highly reccomend Quigley Inspection Services if you want a professional inspection performed. You definitely will receive high value at a very fair and reasonable cost. It is called--- Excellence in Service.Al V.
al V.
20:18 05 Dec 23
Fantastic service! Fantastic person!
Yefim R.
18:13 21 Jul 23
Great work 10/10 would use again!
Carlos N.
19:42 09 May 23
Quigley Inspection Services is TOP NOTCH. Great customer experience. Professional, detailed and thorough report that was completed in a timely manner. Bobby Quigley, is a class act. His follow--up call to ensure all was understood added to the experience. Thank you Quigley Inspection Services!!!!
Lena Vitagliano (.
11:32 30 Apr 23
Quigley has been great, they're responsive, helpful, and remain a resource when you need them. Bobbie is great and explains everything tells you what to look out for etc. highly recommend and thank you guys!
Justin C.
20:36 20 Apr 23
Quigley inspections has been amazing to work with! I refer all of my local real estate clients to them and use them personally as well. They are super knowledgeable, easy to work with and super responsive. Love working with them!
Angel B.
11:21 19 Apr 23
Bobby Quigley is a very friendly and professional business owner.Our inspection was spot on and very detailed.
Steve Z.
23:54 04 Apr 23
2nd time we have used them for a pre-purchase inspection. Very thorough, takes the time to clearly explain every finding. This house had an inspection done 4 weeks earlier by another inspector who failed to find several of the issues Bobby uncovered. Highly recommend Quigley Inspection Services!!!
Phil W.
11:57 24 Mar 23
Leonard G.
12:03 10 Mar 23
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Dimpor Zeeh M.
17:05 02 Nov 22
All around: excellent!
Janet C.
20:27 01 Nov 22
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Misbahu Lawal Yusuf Z.
18:02 31 Oct 22
Quigley Inspection Services did a great job during our recently completed home inspection. They were very responsive to the time time-frame to which we were working and completed a thorough inspection for us. Better yet, I spent about quite a bit of time with Bobby after the inspection talking through what he had seen during the inspection. We would highly recommend this responsive, professional organization to anyone looking for a home inspection.
Kent S.
21:32 17 Oct 22
Quality customer service is difficult to find today. Not the case with Quigley Inspection Services. Their customer service goes above and beyond excellence. The professionalism and friendly, knowledgeable service they provide is awesome. Bob was patient with our questions and never at any time did we feel rushed. If you need quality and reassurance for your inspection, please contact Quigley Inspection Services. You won't be disappointed.
Donna G.
09:32 15 Oct 22
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T'sepo T.
17:03 04 Oct 22
Peggy B.
01:32 10 Aug 22
Bobby made the entire process so incredibly easy. He was quick to perform the inspection, send the report over, and responded in a timely manner. He broke down each section that I had questions on in a way that made it easy to understand. I will definitely be using his services again when the time comes. Very professional and very thorough. 10/10 would recommend!
Valerie D.
01:13 02 Aug 22
This is our first time buying a home, so we have never had to have an inspection done before. Bobby was incredibly pleasant to work with, and he spent a lot of time explaining things to us - first when we called to schedule, and again during inspection. He seemed very experienced and thorough, as well as timely and professional. He was also quite patient with us and all of our questions! Thanks so much!
Rachel B.
12:18 30 Jul 22
Trust is important for a first time new home owner, and I felt comfortable with Bobby’s demeanor, knowledge and professionalism.He went through everything with me in detail, offered advice when asked and never tried to upsell services I didn’t need. I would highly recommend Quigley Inspection Services to any new home owner!
stephen B.
14:27 29 Jul 22
We used Quigley Inspection Services for our 4-point home inspection. They were responsive and able to schedule us quickly. The inspector was on time and professional. We received the completed report very timely after the inspection. Definitely recommend for your next inspection.
Harley F.
13:49 26 Jul 22
This company is great. Ive had a bunch of follow up questions since purchasing the home its been many months and they have been helpful. I would reuse them.
William O.
16:00 05 Jun 22
Bobby is a complete professional that goes above and beyond. He has inspected three houses for us and is always on time. His reports are extremely thorough and he promptly addresses all of our questions and concerns. After our last inspection he even returned after the homeowner made repairs to ensure they were done correctly. He will always be our first and only call next time we need an inspector. Most importantly you can trust Bobby!
Ronete H.
19:29 27 May 22
Quigley Inspections was very helpful in letting us know the details of the inspection before it took place. We really appreciated the professionalism. I think the price for the inspection was reasonable. I highly recommend this company!
Jade S.
19:36 26 May 22
Inspector arrived exactly when expected and was extremely professional and courteous. We had a 4-point and wind mitigation report. The inspector was extremely thorough and explained items that needed to be addressed in great detail.
Jeanne R.
13:12 26 May 22
This is the fourth time we have worked with this excellent company -Including the inspection on our current home 4 years ago, Wind mit inspection, and inspection on our new home. Great quality, service, education and peace of mind. Highly recommend!
Louisa D.
02:16 11 Mar 22
Always my first call. My clients love them.....reliable & dependable
Dario V.
02:15 25 Feb 22
Deborah A.
01:36 14 Feb 22
Bob is a very experienced home inspector. His years of experience enabled Bob to isolate where a slow leak was actually occurring, as we previously were getting mixed signals-- flat roof, main roof, chimney, etc. By isolating the source we learned we only needed a small repair, not a much more expensive replacement. Bob was thorough and took the time to explain why locating the source can be a challenge.
Mike M.
19:49 09 Dec 21
Once again, Bobby reminded me why he's the best! A quick chat on the phone today put me at ease regarding some concerns I had with some tiles. Keep up the great work Quigley Inspection Services!
Steven Herzfeld, St. Petersburg Commercial Real Estate A.
19:55 08 Dec 21
Christina M.
01:29 07 Dec 21
Responded quickly to my request and answered any questions I had. Highly recommend!
Patricia J.
02:45 10 Nov 21
On time, thorough, and I had the report within 24 hours. Exceeded expectations! Thank you!
K P.
01:05 18 Oct 21
The owner of Quigley home inspections, Tarin Quigley is a wonderful person! She’s the kind of owner that is extremely involved in her business ensuring the best quality of her services. She continues to educate herself on real estate trends and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this company because of these reasons.
Erica C.
17:22 14 Oct 21
Very thorough inspection conducted by Alex. He was also helpful in education on care for a Florida home. Highly recommended. I recommend that you be present and observe all parts of the inspection if at all possible. I was able to ask questions and get clarity on potential trouble.
Mike H.
15:02 26 Sep 21
Quigley was on time, professional and so helpful with answering all of our questions. We will definitely work with them again!
Rachael J.
01:07 22 Jul 21
Quigley Inspection Services have excellent, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff. Their inspections are thorough and trustworthy.
Charitee K.
12:06 14 Jul 21
The Q Team are amazing. New construction home inspection revealed things I would never have been able to check. Now my builder warranty will cover the items before it’s too late. They are courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Bobby answered my 100 questions with patience. Punctuality is extremely important to me & they did not disappoint. I highly recommend them.
Dawn W.
15:30 14 May 21
Very professional and attentive service. Would recommend Quigley Inspection services to family and friends
Tammy p
16:12 08 Apr 21
We hired Quigley for a pre-purchase condo inspection. This was a 40-year old unit that we knew had some issues. We felt that the inspection was thorough and complete. This helped us make a plan for the work to be done prior to moving into the condo as a permanent residence.
Mary Lou H.
17:38 24 Mar 21
Quigley Inspection Services was a pleasure to work with. The scheduling was prompt and easy, and Bobby did a great job walking us through everything he found during the inspection. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of a quality home inspector.
Andrew K.
14:27 24 Mar 21
Absolutely terrific! They are incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Also, they're so willing to answer any and all questions . I highly recommend them!
Robert N.
13:23 24 Mar 21
Very polite and professional. I would highly recommend this company
Salemme P.
21:49 19 Mar 21
Pleasant, professional and knowledgeable...very understanding regarding new home owners...highly would recommend!
Robert A.
21:38 04 Mar 21
Jennifer B.
19:28 24 Feb 21
Super nice guy, did a great inspection and more importantly was willing to answer all my questions after about what it meant for us.
Casey C.
21:09 20 Feb 21
Full Home InspectionBobby is great. He is thorough and explains things well to our clients. They are top notch!
Denise A.
20:55 17 Feb 21
Bobby and Tarin are the ultimate professionals. The work was thorough and explained in great detail. They reduced the stress associated with the home-buying experience and made it quite pleasant!
Mary S.
16:05 03 Feb 21
Chet A.
02:18 02 Feb 21
Very responsive and personable. Great company to work with.
Jordan C.
16:55 29 Jan 21
Bobby Quigley was recommended to us by friends in the are to inspect the home we proposed to purchase -- it was great working with Bobby; he was thorough and explained everything. He even came back a second time to look at something that was inaccessible the first time around. Would recommend Quigley to anyone needing a home inspection in St Pete!
Eric B.
00:46 18 Jan 21
Quigley Inspection Services was recommended to us by a co-worker and our real estate agent to inspect a home on which we had placed a bid. They are great communicators, showed up on time, did a thorough inspection of the house, came back to check on the electrical when it was difficult to access, and were polite and responsive. We highly recommend them and would definitely use them again if buying another property in the area.
Joanne B.
20:03 17 Jan 21
Quigley Inspections (Bobby) conducted a buyer's Home Inspection for us and did so on short notice. He was very thorough, professional, and helpful. We learned a lot about the home we are buying, important especially due to the age of the home.
14:30 07 Jan 21
Donald, and all the supporting staff at Quigley, ensured that our entire experience with the home inspection went without a hitch. Don was extremely friendly, prompt, professional, prepared, thorough and very knowledgeable. Everything that you'd want your home inspector to be. He took his time and explained, in detail, everything that was important for us to know. He did a great job at explaining things in a way that your average home owner would understand easily. He even went above and beyond and made sure we had our report earlier than anticipated. All in all, he was able to provide professional expertise and reassurance that we have all the information we need to make an educated and informed decision on the biggest purchase we'll make. I highly recommend Quigley Home Inspection!
Carlos V.
12:57 11 Dec 20
I had an amazing experience with Quigley Inspection Services I work full time and go to school so I had my real estate agent handle everything. However I went to pay and politely I was texted back they were out of the office but directions to pay online. I did not receive the report so I texted back and despite being after hours they took the time to resolve my issue.I wouldn't recommend anyone else. #1 they did an amazing job with the inspection which is the most important part, but the customer service is definitely what sets them above the rest. It was a rare case but my termite inspection was due Saturday morning and it was Friday after hours ... that is truly a company helping you meet your deadline and for that I will be forever grateful because I would have definitely lost the house in this market. Thanks Julia!
Shawn S.
19:29 22 Nov 20
Casey B.
13:10 19 Nov 20
I not only reccomend them to all of my clients, I used them when I purchased my own home. My clients are always impressed with how thorough they are. By far one of the best inspection companies in the area!
Mindy B.
16:59 18 Nov 20
Tony S.
01:14 17 Nov 20
A highly respectable business.
Pete A.
18:51 11 Nov 20
My favorite inspection company. They are very thorough and honest without making you feel worried. They know the ins and outs of homes of all ages. You can tell they’re passionate about the work they do.
Lindsay W.
00:31 21 Oct 20
Very thorough & took time to explain findings
Bob F.
19:15 06 Oct 20
I have used Quigley now on three separate occasions, after they were recommended to me. The Head office (Tarin) are very responsive, and even helped me out at the last minute organizing a WDO inspection I needed. Phil has been thorough, on time, professional, and extremely helpful, taking time to explain to my buyers the items he has noted and what the relevance of them are to their purchase. I would recommend Quigley again unreservedly.
mary F.
14:59 06 Oct 20
I have used Bobby Quigley twice, and both times he did an excellent job.
Angela H.
14:27 06 Oct 20
I had a very positive experience working with Quigley. Details were explained throughout the inspection, questions were answered and the technician was professional and informative. I appreciated getting the written results the next day. I highly recommend this company.
Suzanne M.
13:32 16 Sep 20
R. S.
15:31 14 Sep 20
I had Quigley inspection come do an inspection of a home I am purchasing. They were very thorough, they spent time explaining things & showing findings, had a report completed very quickly, and found things that were VERY important to know. I appreciate their thoroughness and the fact that they were so willing to answer any and all of my questions. Purchasing a home is a large step & their deep inspection gave me peace of mind and information about the purchase.
13:13 08 Sep 20
Dillon T.
12:38 03 Sep 20
mr. Quigley did an excellent job kept me from buying a home that had serious issues I would not have known. There was a very detailed list of all inspection points. I was actually even more impressed with Mr Quigley's inspection and the details because I had to hire another inspection company due to time contractions and found that report was not close to the report I got from mr. Quigley. I would definitely recommend Quigley inspection
Terry D.
19:13 26 Aug 20
Jesse K.
00:26 18 Aug 20
Inspector was thorough and professional. Answered all our questions in a clear and concise manner. Discussed all issues found in a realistic, calm manner. Report was very detailed with good photos. Responded to request to review repairs quickly and revise 4 point report.
L R.
19:39 06 Jul 20
Excellent customer service and the inspector went above and beyond what was required. Most excellent company!
Kristy A.
13:46 18 Jun 20
Bobby and the Quigley Inspection team have been incredible! As a first time home buyer, I had so many questions about the inspection process and the home I was purchasing. Bobby was extremely thorough and took his time during the inspection (and subsequent reinspection) to answer all of my questions. He also spoke personally with the seller to make sure I was purchasing a safe home. I highly recommend Quigley Inspection to anyone looking to purchase a home.
Kaylie Q.
12:12 11 Jun 20
Nate B
15:32 10 Jun 20
Our inspection was very professional and the company sent what I thought was very knowledgeable, friendly, provide insight on my future condo. I would definitely hire them again.
Terry W.
22:21 31 May 20
Inspection was thorough. I was walked through and any findings were explained. Appreciated the promptness of appointment and report. Would/will certainly use again if I have a need for an inspection.
Belinda S.
20:56 23 May 20
Awesome job guys Exceptional
Mandy W.
18:27 06 May 20
First encounter with Mrs. Quigley placed my mind at ease. VERY personable and professional as well. All procedures were explained; there were no surprises with pricing. She did not over sale or under sale. I asked for and she gave recommendations.The work was done as promised.Respectfully
Zandra H.
21:55 23 Apr 20
Bobby came by and walked me through EVERYTHING while he was inspecting my townhouse. He used terms that I could understand and talked to me as if I was a family member which made me feel at ease. 10/10 would recommend!
Amidat A.
18:07 23 Apr 20
Teresa H.
16:21 23 Apr 20
Had the best experience with them when purchasing our first home. Very detailed work.
Lo R
16:51 26 Mar 20
Nick C.
14:55 26 Mar 20
Just had our home inspected by Bobby and he did an excellent job. Extremely thorough, easily explains each situation, and very quick turnaround times with the report. I would highly recommend Bobby and the Quigley Inspection service for any of your home inspection needs.
Nick C.
14:54 26 Mar 20
Going through the scary process of buying a home was made so easy with Tarin and Bobby! Not only were they able to get us scheduled within 2 days for our home inspection, but they arrived early to the appointment. Bobby was able to thoroughly explain all the points of inspection and provide wonderful recommendations. All my after hours questions were answered immediately. I highly recommend Quigley Inspection services for any home buyer in need.
Clair E.
18:20 27 Feb 20
I received a referral to Quigley Inspection Services before purchasing a property - and I’m very glad I did. The owner, Bobby came out to inspect our property and he was on time, easy to work with, able to provide all the necessary documentation, and explained his walkthrough super well. Quigley’s is a family owned business that is very familiar with the St Pete area. He said to give him a call if I had questions and/or needed help finding other folks/services (Eg, plumber, roofer, etc). Sent him an email asking for some dryer vent help - gave me a referral same day a month after we closed. I’m telling you... you just don’t get that type of help today. Very appreciative that Bobby came to inspect and is a go to resource for when we need additional help. Thanks Bobby and team!
Ryan L.
04:15 04 Feb 20
John D.
11:53 31 Jan 20
Kate B.
23:48 09 Jan 20
Stephanie D.
01:55 03 Jan 20
Robert was professional and I feel really good about my home inspection. Covered everything with me walked the property and took the time to explain every step in the process.I would highly recommend! A+ service!
Jason S.
14:44 20 Nov 19
As a wounded soldier, nothing is more important than making sure your family lives in a safe house. Bobby Quigley will ensure that. His commitment to his trade resembles that of the seven ARMY values, Selflessness (willingness to help regardless), Honor (adherence to what is right), Integrity (will not lead you on and is honest), Duty (to his trait and community), Respect (professional), Loyalty (5 years after our purchase, he still is someone we turn to when we need help), and Personal Courage (to do the right thing regardless of cost). These are the things you need to rely on when you make one of the biggest purchases in your life. Tarin Quigley exemplify's the same ethos and ups it with excellent customer service and situational understanding. This is no ordinary home inspection team, they are true professionals that you can rely on. Our family appreciates their services and hopes your family will give them a try to experience superb customer service and inspections!Lopez Family
Quincy L.
22:02 29 Oct 19
Kevin G.
21:46 23 Oct 19
Needed to have a inspection done fast and they were called and came out the same day. I can't say enough about them. Would use them in a heart beat. Thanks again..
Barbara B.
20:11 23 Oct 19
After 40 years of service to our nation with the US Army, I had to abruptly retire due to service-connected health issues and moved to Florida. As a 40-year US Army Veteran traveling the world, buying a home was a new experience for me. One of the areas that I had to deal with was having a home inspection. Quigley Inspection Services is a professional small business. I put my trust in them to inspect our new home on our behalf. Mike Murphy is a great inspector who is professional, polite and very knowledgeable. After purchasing our home, we had a few questions concerning the inspection. Tarin Quigley, the owner personally called me. She to was very professional, polite and accommodating. Dealing with Quigley Inspection Services was more than a pleasant experience even after purchasing our home. They made me feel like we were part of the family or best friends. My experience with them was refreshing to say the least after all the years being stationed abroad or living in your typical military towns.I recommend Quigley Inspection Services in the highest degree. You have a win-win using their services. It is my honor and pleasure to publicly thank them for their service they provided me. Thank you to all the “Quigley Inspection Services Team”!
Teddy Ryon J.
01:05 11 Oct 19
Thank you for excellent service! Fast turn around for inspection report and answered all our questions with honest and genuine feedback. I would recommend this company!
Laura G.
15:19 24 Sep 19
I used Quigley this week for a home inspection in St. Petersburg. I'm an out-of-state buyer and not as familiar with FL building materials, 4-point inspection, flood, wind etc.
My Inspector, Phil Tori, took his time to explain the details of the report and his recommendations on items to be addressed. I really appreciated his professionalism and patience with me. I would definitely recommend Quigley.
Kristin B.
14:30 02 Sep 19
My wife and I worked with Quigley Inspection for a property in St.Petersburg, Florida. We worked with Phil Tori, the property inspector, who was top notch. He explained everything clearly and not in a condensing manner. I would definitely use these guys again. Ask for Phil Tori.
17:47 31 Aug 19
My realtor recommended Quigley to me because I am from out of state and purchasing a property in FL - the report was so comprehensive and he identified every issue with the property which in turn helped us negotiate with the sellers and get what we wanted. The report was HONEST and, in this day and age, that is a rare thing - I would recommend them to anyone purchasing a home or condo in the Clearwater/St. Pete area!!!
Christina B.
02:17 04 Jul 19
Quigley Inspection Services was so incredibly professional and thorough. Bobby explained everything to me in detail as he completed the inspection, issued his report quickly, and was just a great person to deal with overall. I feel very well taken care of and better equipped now going into my first home purchase. Thank you guys!!
Zachary C.
18:20 13 Jun 19
Quigley Inspection Services was so incredibly professional and thorough. Bobby explained everything to me in detail as he completed the inspection, issued his report quickly, and was just a great person to deal with overall. Thank you guys!!
Zachary C.
18:18 13 Jun 19
Outstanding job! Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough.
Steve T.
02:55 26 Mar 19
Tarin Quigley, you are the best. You are always available and have great service people working with you. Thank you for all you continue to do to make this profession a GREAT one. AND, for taking good care of my customers.
Maddy Bransome O.
14:04 22 Mar 19
The people at Quigley Inspection Services were a pleasure to deal with. From the first phone call to Tarin till Mike did the inspection everything was professional and well done. Great service and people
Enoch A.
01:53 19 Feb 19
Phil inspected my home, paid for by my Buyers, and I was so impressed with his thoroughness and professionalism, I immediately hired him to inspect the home we're buying! Kind, friendly, efficient, and thorough. His report came within hours after the inspection and was easy to follow, with pictures and items of concern in bold. He beat all the local competitors prices. So, thank you Phil for getting me in quickly and working with me on the price. Kindly, Renee
Renee T
13:55 09 Dec 18
Would not think of using any other inspection company.
Jill Marie S.
19:20 04 Dec 18
They were very thorough friendly knowledgeable I would never hesitate to recommend them and as I continue looking for homes they are the ones it's going to do the home inspection they are the best
Robert S.
14:10 18 Jul 18
My Clients are always impressed with Quigley! Their attention to detail and the way that they are able to communicate potential "issues" so that my clients feel confident and educated are unmatched in the industry. As a Real Estate professional, I have encountered many home inspection companies and there is not 1 that does a better job than Quigley. I always appreciate their time, effort, and patience to help my clients and myself.
Eric W.
11:46 28 Jun 18
I have worked with the Quigley team for several years and on many transactions. They were my vendor of choice with the inspection of my own family home. They are great at what they do, very professional & personable & always do anything they can to accommodate & serve the community.
Lisa Anthony S.
14:16 05 May 18
Quigley is the ONLY inspection company that I've been 100% satisfied with over and over again! Not only are they friendly, they are TIMELY, responsive and thorough! They make sure that my clients leave the inspection with all questions answered and make themselves available to answer anything that may come up post inspection as well. They have gone above and beyond in multiple situations. They are my GO TO inspection team. Thank you for 5 star service, Quigley! Grateful to be in business with you.
Leah H.
13:26 02 May 18
Quigley inspections did a fantastic job for us today! The details provided and thorough explanations during the inspection were extremely helpful. Thanks for being so detailed and professional!
Roxanna Matt D.
01:15 27 Oct 17
We have nothing but great things to say about Quigley Inspection Services. Bobby made sure to check out every inch of our house, and found several critical things that allowed us to negotiate a better price on our home, and helped us have realistic expectations for necessary repairs. We close on the house in a week, Thanks Quigley!
Steven H.
15:33 22 Sep 17
Mike recently did an inspection and we are so grateful for his thoroughness! We have walked away from the house because of the seriousness of the repairs required. We will looking for another house and absolutely will be requesting Mikes services again!!!!
Barbara 'Lang' L.
23:25 03 Aug 17
Nothing to say except
Positive words! Tarin, Bobby and their staff do exceptional work! Wouldn't use anyone else.
Caryn S.
00:32 28 Jul 17
This is an amazing company with a wonderful team! Not only are they exceptional at their work, they truly do care about the communities they serve. I highly recommend Quigley Inspection Services.
Ricky Roberts I.
22:07 27 Jul 17
These guys are awesome!! They have done over 20 inspections for me this year and all have been excellent. They are always on time and do an exceptional job. They are great with my customers while explaining everything in detail. I highly recommend them.
Keith F.
22:01 27 Jul 17
Very trustworthy and give really good explanations to my buyers when they have questions on the inspection.
Corrine M.
20:17 27 Jul 17
Outstanding people! Great communication. Always ready to answer any questions quickly and efficiently. They have a great sense of urgency. I would never use anyone else for inspections.
Ted A.
20:13 27 Jul 17
They always go above and beyond to make their clients happy and make sure there are no unanswered questions.
Ryan J.
19:38 27 Jul 17
They do what they say they're going to do and do it on time and in a very professional manner. They are knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and trustworthy. I love this company!
Carol Jones H.
18:44 27 Jul 17
Marianne N.
18:39 27 Jul 17
Always great service , professional and friendly! You can't go wrong.
Pete M.
00:43 04 May 17
Cathy M.
23:57 13 Feb 17
Kelly W.
23:07 13 Feb 17
Kelly F.
21:09 13 Feb 17
Jennifer Shaeffer H.
21:08 13 Feb 17
T Lynn Hoff H.
20:28 13 Feb 17

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We’ve been in the plumbing, building and construction fields for over 20 years.

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From thermal imaging to GFCI testers to temperature gauges and more, we have it all.

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Our inspectors are available to answer your questions during and after your inspection.

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