Summer. It’s that time of the year where we travel and explore new spots or maybe even revisit familiar places. This summer, the Quigley Inspections team is going fishing in Key West; exploring the Asheville breweries; as well as RVing through the Smoky Mountains. With every trip we take, we want to make it meaningful and memorable to cherish for years to come. Sometimes our travels leave us asking: how do we make these trips more mindful?

We found this local St. Pete blogger and loved what she had to say about mindful vacations. As Gina puts it, “mindfulness is all about being present in the moment and it takes practice, especially while traveling. We try and squeeze in every possible activity, restaurant, brewery ect because we know we are there for only a short while.”

Take a peek at this article for tips on savoring your vacation time and creating those memorable moments in life!